About the Author

Keith G. Walker was born in St. Louis M.O. and raised by his Grandparents. At the age of thirteen his Grandmother passed away, igniting the deterioration of his family and sending him on an inevitable journey through life, all alone. Between the ages of thirteen and fifteen he missed a total of two years of school and lived with several different families. At age eighteen he became the father of his first son. At age nineteen he was facing two life sentences for assault and armed criminal action and later sentenced to five years in the Missouri State Department of Corrections where he obtained his G.E.D. One week after his release he migrated to Seattle W.A. where he became the father of his second son. He attended night school for two years and now has a high school diploma and several college credits towards an AA Degree. He became a music performer, song writer, producer, photographer, a licensed real estate consultant, a licensed appraiser and a black belt in tae kwon do.

To contact the author, please email fathersdey@gmail.com.